Gai Ben Dor
Inspirational Speaker

Wanted: A Runner With Soul


“You took us on a wonderful journey! Your lecture was breathtaking, engaging and inspiring. Our employees kept speaking about your lecture for days​”

—  Adi Sichuk,

Head of employee experience,

Social Responsibility & Office operation


The unbelievable journey to the Olympic Marathon and Mount Everest.
An exceptional story about friendship, leadership and making the impossible - possible 
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Gai Ben Dor

Gai is an International Public Speaker who has been inspiring international audiences for over 10 years.

Gai is also an accountant, a lawyer, and a business strategy consultant.

Founder and CEO of 180⁰ Sport – a social organization aimed at empowering and advancing people with disabilities through sports.

Entrepreneur and extensively active as a mentor for underprivileged populations.

MBA graduate at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Gai's Talk


An online ad stating "Wanted: A Runner With Soul" - led Gai Ben Dor and his father to guide a blind person through several demanding challenges: To participate in the Olympic marathon and later a climb up to Mount Everest.

Inspired by their journey, Gai had developed a vision to create an impact at much larger scale: He established 180⁰, a social organization that organizes sports and education activities that advance and integrate hundreds of people with disabilities and special needs.

Gai has an exceptional life path that combines several points of view: business, entrepreneurship, competitive sports and leadership. His unique life experience allows Gai to deliver the audience insightful perspectives.

In his lecture, Gai inspires the audience about messages of leadership, excellence, goal setting, overcoming difficulties, coping with complexed situations, leading transformational process and realizing dreams that seem beyond reach.

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